I’m Glenn Patron - this website is my idea


My wife and I  travel extensively and we  believe that 

Every new destination is an opportunity for a new restaurant experience


But we've learned to be wary of websites with 

crowd-sourced, non-professional restaurant reviews


Not impartial  -  Not honest  -  Don’t match my taste for a special night out

You can trust the recomendations of professional food critics and bloggers. But............. 

The amount of work required for analyzing cities x venues x reviews is tremendous!

Then I invented a system (nothing as impressive as Googles algorithm) that found,   analyzed  and quickly distilled data into an easily understood form. Eureka!

So many family and friends asked me for recommendations that my wife said,

“ Why don’t you do this for everyone? Create a website!”  So I  created...


Please ...

  • Take a look at my  City Pages . You will see that the restaurantes most recomended (hits) have the highest ranking.

  • Send me your comments so I can keep improving Dining Intelligence.com.


You can have confidence in the data in DiningIntellgence.com. 

I will never accept restaurant advertising.


 Helping sophisticated diners make better choices.